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A history of MOT in Northampton

We have been proudly providing MOT’s for car owners the Northampton area since 1969 and this long history of performing MOT’s makes us the ideal business to look after your car. We are a straight forward and efficient car servicing, MOT, Tyres and clutch repair business offering excellent customer service above all. With an MOT from Sheltune you will only get what is absolutely required and unlike other companies, we will not create issues to make you spend more. We value your return business so we want to make sure that your visit is as seamless a process as possible so you leave as another one of our long list of happy customers.

Get in touch now for a chat about your next MOT Northampton and find out what other services we offer, we can also service it in our servicing centre, give it new tyres and clutches and generally make sure that your car runs as smoothly as possible. We are not just MOT’s, come and find out more


The Ministry of Transport test (usually abbreviated to MOT test) is an annual test of vehicle safety, roadworthiness aspects and exhaust emissions required in Great Britain for most vehicles over three years old used on any way defined as a road in the Road Traffic Act 1988; it does not apply only to highways (or in Scotland a relevantroad) but includes other places available for public use which are not highways.[1] In Northern Ireland the equivalent requirement applies after four years.[2] The requirement does not apply to vehicles used only on various small islands with no convenient connection “to a road in any part of Great Britain”;[3] no similar exemption is listed at the beginning of 2014 for Northern Ireland, which has a single inhabited island, Rathlin.[4]

The name derives from the Ministry of Transport,[5] a defunct government department which was one of several ancestors of the current Department for Transport, but is still officially used. The MOT test certificates are currently issued in Great Britain under the auspices of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), an agency of the Department for Transport. Certificates in Northern Ireland are issued by the Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA). The test and the pass certificate are often referred to simply as the “MOT”.

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