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The brakes on your car are what safely stops you car from pulling up to a junction or stopping in an emergency. At Sheltune we know how important regular inspection and maintenance of your brakes is. Brake checks can identify a problem before it becomes too serious, providing the opportunity to restore your brakes to their intended performance, preventing an accident due to faulty brakes.

Maintaining your brakes is top priority for every motorist, brakes are used more often when driving around town, for example if you are working in Northampton town centre you will use your brakes more stop starting at every traffic light than if you worked further away where you would take motorway journey to work, but you will still need to use your brakes in an emergency. We offer a free brake check, covering the full braking system, wear on your brake pads, shoes, discs and drums – so why not ask when you are in for car servicing or having your MOT carried out.


As well as offering a free check for your brakes we also off a free clutch check, we assessĀ  your car to check the problem is not elsewhere first as it could be something else such as a slipping fan belt. Once we know the problem you can rely on our mechanics to fit it for you. If you have your car booked in to replace your tyres then ask about our free clutch check.

For brakes Northampton, come and visit Sheltune or call 01604 718718

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